Data (Generic)

(int) $data->cacheconfig Determines how this object is cached
(int) $data->ctime Unix timestamp, the creation time/date of the object
(array) $data->custom Array of user defined variables
(int) $data->mtime Unix timestamp, the last modification time/date of the object
(string) $data->muser Login of the user that last changed this object
(object) $data->nls Contains the languages list of the current object
(string) $data->nls->default The default language for this object
(array) $data->nls->list The list of languages for which this object has data

NLS Data (Generic)

(string) $nlsdata->name The user defined name of this object

Data (PObject)

(string) $data->value A user defined value for this object


(bool) cached Returns TRUE is the cache image with the given name and language is available
(mixed) call Finds and executes the given template on the current object. See also ar::call()
(mixed) call_super Finds and executes the current template (defined before this template) on the current object.
See also ar::callSuper()
(bool) checkgrant
Checks whether the current user has the specified grant
(bool) checkpublic
Checks whether the public user has the specified grant on the current object
(int) count_find Returns the number of results matching the query.
See also ar::find()
(int) count_ls Returns the number of children of the current object
See also ar::ls()
(string) currentsite Returns the path to the nearest parent site object.
See also ar_store::currentSite()
(mixed) exists Searches for the object with the specified path and returns its unique ID, or false if the path doesn't exist.
See also ar::exists()
(array) find Searches for all objects matching the specified criteria and calls the specified template on them. Returns an array of results, if the template returns a result.
See also ar::find()
(array) get Calls the specified template on the object with the specified path. Returns an array with one result if the template returns a result.
See also ar::get()
(string) getcache
Returns the given cache image, if available and fresh.
(mixed) getdata Returns formdata of objectdata with the specified name and language
(mixed) getdatacache Returns data from the private cache.
(mixed) getsessionvar Retrieves the value of a variable previously stored with putsessionvar().
(string) gettext
Returns the current language version of a string.
(object) getuser
Returns the user object of the currently logged on user
(mixed) getvar
Returns a value stored earlier with putvar()
or passed as an argument to the current template.
See also ar::getvar()
(bool) implements Checks whether the current object implements the given class or interface
(void) killsession Ends the current session. This will remove all data stored in the session with putsessionvar()
(void) load
Loads a module definition for use in an object template
(void) loadtext
Loads a text library for use with gettext()
(array) ls
Calls each child of the current object with the given template and arguments.
See also ar::ls()
(string) make_filesize Returns a human readable size in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes
(string) make_path Given a relative or absolute path, it will return a full absolute path.
See also ar_store::makePath()
(string) make_url Using the nearest psite parent with a URL as a starting point, returns a URL to the given path.
See also ar_loader::makeURL()
(object) newobject Creates a new object of the given type and with the given path. It doesn't store the object
(array) parents
Calls each parent of the current object with the specified template and arguments.
See also ar::parents()
(string) parentsite Returns the nearest parent site, starting from the given site.
See also ar_store::parentSite()
(void) putsessionvar Stores the given value under the given name in the current session
(void) putvar Stores a value with a given name, to be retrieved later by getvar().
See also ar::putvar()
(void) resetloopcheck Resets the counter used to catch infinite loops to 0
(void) savecache Saves a cache image started earlier with cached()
(void) savedatacache Saves data to the private cache.
(int) sessionid Returns the id of the current session, or 0 when no session is active
(void) setnls Switches the language codes in urls, as generated by make_url()
(void) showdata Prints the output of getdata()
(int) startsession
Starts a new session and returns its id
(void) widget Calls a template of the specified widget

Properties (Generic)

custom Contains property data of custom fields
name Contains the names of the current object
object Contains a number of usefull system wide properties
owner Contains the login of the owner of the object
text Contains the names and summaries of the object
time Contains the creation and last modified timestamp, as well as the user login that last changed the object

Properties (PObject)

value Contains the value data of the object