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Ariadne is a feature-rich open source CMS with a simple user interface.   Designed from the ground up to be secure and scalable, Ariadne is enterprise ready.   Ariadne is free, download the latest version now!



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Just in time for christmas, here is a new release. This one now supports PHP 7.2 fully. It will also be the last version to support PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, as these will be no longer supported by PHP itself in 2019. Go to our download page or directly to github to check the changes.

ARC: Ariadne Components library
There's a new github project related to Ariadne, called ARC. It is a refactored version of the AR api. This will become the core of future Ariadne CMS releases but is meant to be usable for any other PHP project. The homepage is at 
Take a look and if you are working on other PHP projects let us know if you think this is something you might use.