These modules are currently being converted to the new Ariadne Modules standard.


Modules are used for generic functionality that is not directly related to an object or object type. For instance if you want to connect to a relational database from inside an Ariadne template you can use mod_db.

Ariadne has a number of modules for you to use, these are the most common ones:

mod_db This module allows you to connect to existing relational databases and query them. Superceded by ar\connect\db.
mod_edit With mod_edit you can create websites which are a breeze to edit and maintain.
mod_json Very usefull for AJAX development, mod_json handles translating PHP variables to javascript for you.
mod_page This module allows you to use the html editing capabilities of the ppage class on any other type of object.
mod_soap Connect to third party applications using the SOAP protocol. Superceded by ar\connect\soap.
mod_xml Use PHP's extensive XML routines through the mod_xml module. Superceded by ar\xml.

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Read more about using and writing modules yourself.