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(int) priority
The default priority for an article using this scenario. For each point in the priority field, the article will stay on top an extra minute.
(array) display
This is an array with the start and end modifiers for each display phase the article is a part of.

The scenario object defines a default behaviour for articles. When saving an article, you select a scenario for that article. Ariadne defines 2 scenario's by default, 'news' and 'announce'.

The news scenario has a start modifier of 0 and an end modifier of 14, for the default display phase. This means that an article using the news scenario will become visible at the exact starttime and startdate of the article. It will disappear from the 'current' view of a newspaper after at most 14 days.

You can define as many display phases as you like and set start and end modifiers for each of them. The article will save the correct visibility timeframe for each display phase. You can retrieve these display phases with the get_articles() method of pnewspaper.

Scenario's must be saved in the /system/newspaper/scenarios/ directory in Ariadne. Only then will the scenario be listed in the article.