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(array) get_addresses Returns an array of address objects (porganization and pperson) which match the given criteria. It also searches addressbooks linked under the current addressbook through a shortcut (pshortcut).

An Addressbook object allows you to store lists of addresses. The Ariadne user interface will show an alfabetical search tool on addressbooks.


(array) get_addresses($search, $sortby='name')

(string) $search The search query to match the addresses with.
(string) $sortby The name of the variable on which to sort the addresses. If you don't want get_addresses to sort the results, use DONT_SORT (without quotes, it's a constant) as the value.

This method returns an array of objects matching the search criteria. It also searches through shortcuts to other addressbooks in the current addressbook. It will only return objects which implement the 'address' interface, default this means porganization and pperson objects.