pobject > pshortcut

The shortcut type represents a link from one path in Ariadne to another. The shortcut object captures the type of its target object and mimicks it. This means that when you search for objects implementing a PDir - using the object.implements property - you will also find shortcuts referencing a directory or descendant type. The real type of a shortcut remains 'pshortcut'. So when searching for object with the exact type 'pdir' - using the object.type property - you will not find shortcuts.

You can instruct Ariadne to honor paths that pass through a shortcut with the keepurl variable. This does not make Ariadne generate URLs that keep that path intact unless you use the methods in mod_keepurl() to generate URLs.


(bool)$data->keepurlIf TRUE, Ariadne will accept an input path that passes 'through' this shortcut.
(string)$data->pathPath to an Ariadne object the shortcut refers to.
(string)$nlsdata->summarySummary or description of the shortcut.


referencesStores $data->path in references.path.