Ariadne 2.7.5 released

We're proud to announce another release of Ariadne. Another round of small improvements and bugfixes while we polish and prepare for the upcoming 2.8 release, as well as some nice new features to play with.

New features:
- Added get_content_type function to mod_mimemagic
- Added upgrade script for newer myqsl database which adds defaults to table fields
- Mod_htmlcleaner now has the option to remove empty tags
- Added error reporting support for Fatal errors
- Added ar/connect/multigate, a connector to Multigate to allow easy messaging from Ariadne. Only supports IRC for now but multigate will allow a broad choice in messaging protocols.
- Users no longer require hardlinks in groups, but can be shortcut items now.

Changes to existing features:
- rewrote the mysqlstore to do all query's with the internal store_run_query function, and replaced mysql_db_query because it is deprecated
- Fixed iterator support for ARnls
- Changed arSuperContext from a switch to an array which keeps score of seen templates. This resolves conflicts created by loading the same unnamed library on multiple paths.
- Index.html now also allowed on ppage
- Added default setting for ARBasedir in ariadne config to prevent problems with symlinks
- Refactored the database init code;
- Upgraded YUI to version 2.8.2
- Fixes in the whole codebase to use $AR instead of $ariadne
- sgBegin can be used in php-based scripts without a key to make it easier to get the correct grants.
- Improved error reporting
- Added wrappers for the store upgrade functions
- Showing all types now uses the names in arTypeNames (all available types) instead of the ones used in the typetree
- Compiled PINP templates no longer contain comments, resulting in a speedup.
- Added specific dialog for customdata on shortcuts
- ar/html/form: Added getNameValue and validate to fieldset class
- call_super() will now also follow shortcut redirects

- fixed NLS problem with file uploads
- removed some unused code
- FTP filenames now get the correct data for name info
- Added missing case for Ariadne upgrade scripts
- Fixes in mod_keepurl: make_real_path and get()
- Removed magic marker that detected .pps and .xls files as msword
- Fixed copy functions to check for illegal filenames
- Fixed caching of library templates
- Fixed endless loop when call_super()ing on an baseType::function.html call
- ar/html/menu: fixed root() to return the correct value
- ar/connect/soap: Fixed header instantiation and __soapCall methods
- ar/xml: Fixed indenting when a nodelist contains another nodelist
- Fixed config handling
- Fixed saving grants on groups
- Added correct use of htmlentities in user.notfound
- Fixed owners on shortcuts
- Saving grants on groups/users now works
- Fixed sgEnd() to release the grants