Ariadne 2.7.8 released

Lots of ar() goodies, remote authentication, rewrites

This release adds a whole lot of updates, fixes and new features within the the ar() structure. A few features we would like to highlight are new site-rewrites that allow you to automatically rewrite URLs and references within sites to make it easier to work with development versus live environments.

Remote authentication allows Ariadne to use third-party authentication within Ariadne, allowing the use of frameworks like openauth or even authentication against other CMS systems.

New features
- taint() and untaint() now return their values
- many updates and additions to the ar modules.
- new version of ace, straight from git, less buggy though no official release
- added option to puser to set login independant of filename
- added diff-tool to ar/beta/
- added cookieconsent feature
- added reference and url rewrites to bin/import.
- added mod_ZipArchive which is a wrapper to ZipArchive
- added rewrite URL and references dialog
- added mod_rcas (remote authentication)

- many XSS failures in templates fixed.
- puser subtypes addable to groups
- enabled local profiles
- external authentication now also works with ARUserDirs
- mod_keepurl() now handles unreadable shortcuts properly
- keep_url redirects do now pass original callargs instead of the arguments given to user.notfound.html
- fixed generation of last-modified en expire headers to use the gmdate function because strftime's output changes with the locale; Updated gmdate usage to use the defined DATE_RFC1123 format
- htmlcleaner now correctly handles embedded script tags
- removed ARCrypt(); puser now has its own hashPassword() function
- added subtype support to the axstore; fixes axstore updates containing subtypes.
- mimetype in wizard is now editable again
- added content-type check to ldRegisterFile() (for eg docx formats)
- fixed mysql precendence using commas and parentheses
- fixed problem with checklogin calling things on non existing paths, when using user.notfound.html constructs
- fixed many eventHandling routines like onmove() oncopy()
- added support for relative shortcuts
- fixed grants textarea dialog
- fixed {x:id} handling, now works with {id} and {10:id}; will also continue beyond maximum size. e.g. {1:id} will work when last id was 10, will then return 11, etc.