Ariadne 2.7.6 released

The latest release of Ariadne adds a new syntax highlighting template editor, a new demo project using the new API, support for exceptions in pinp, support for firePHP debugging and a reCaptcha module. In addition we made some extensive changes to the new Ariadne general API and fixed numerous bugs.

New features:
- Added new dynamic form functionality. See www/js/form.js.
- Added the option to post the Ariadne session check key when cookies are not
  available (in flash applications).
- Experimental template editor with syntax highlighting: ace. Configurable
  through preferences dialog.
- New demo project (optional install).
- Try/catch now supported in pinp templates.
- Added support for debugging with firePHP.
- Added mod_recaptcha module.

Changes to existing features:
- Removed most of the ereg calls, replaced with preg.
- Added NOFOLLOW meta tags for the default ariadne view.
- Updated the portuguese, french and dutch translations.
- Improved the installer, removed all warnings.
- Made the mod_captcha module more robust.
- Caching will be disabled when debuging is on.
- Allow shortcuts to users/groups to be selected from the grants dialog.
- Added 'delete_empty_containers' option to htmlcleaner which removes empty
  container tags.
- More robust htmlcleaner (attributes).
- Improved handling within the management view for large object sets.
- count_find() has now its own store handling for better performance.
- Improved the ariadne error handler. It will only display errors in the page
  when display_errors(php.ini) is set to on.
- ar/xml and ar/html have been made more robust and consistent.
- Numerous bugfixes in ar/connect/ftp.
- ar/html/menu has been refactored to be more consistent and flexible.
- Added ar/html/form::findField.
- Improved ar/events performance, added the event name in the event object.
- Added a large number of events to ariadne, see ar/events documentation.

- ar/form: password fields no longer shows passwords value in the input.
- Fixed upgrade from 2.4rc2 (ariadne base package was renamed).
- Non-default templates are not saved within the unnamed library cache anymore.
- Fixed ar\http\client get requests with form data. Parameters are now encoded
  in the url.
- Chrome is no longer too eager in caching ariadne pages.
- Fixed an allnls bug; templates will not be shown anymore when allnls is not
  set and the object doesn't have the requested language.
- We now skip language check for config.ini.
- Fixed named library lookup for non-existing libraries.
- Fixed several browsing bugs within the ariadne backend.
- Fixed the user-account disable option.
- Fulltext properties will not get imported via ax files.