Features Overview

  • Intu├»tive user interface
    Ariadne mimicks the way a file browser works, no need to learn a new user interface. It uses easy to understand wizards for data entry and configuration.
  • Complete solution
    Ariadne includes everything you need to create and host one or thousands of websites, or create a complete intranet or DMS system.
  • Built-in natural language support system (nls)
    Ariadne supports sites with multiple languages out of the box. The ariadne UI has been translated into the most common languages.
  • Scalable
    Ariadne has been designed to be fast, from a few thousand objects to a few million, Ariadne can handle it.
  • Flexible
    Ariadne has a very modular and object oriented design. It can serve any kind of content, act as an FTP server or WEBDAV server, connect to LDAP servers or external relational databases.
  • Re-usable
    Create re-usable code and content through modules, libraries, custom content classes, etc.
  • Stable
    Ariadne has been in use at many large websites since 1999, without any serious problems.
  • Secure
    There have been no serious security incidents with Ariadne ever. Ariadne has a novel internal security model which makes most of the security attacks used on other CMS systems impossible on Ariadne.
  • Open
    Ariadne has built-in support for LDAP, WEBDAV, FTP, SOAP, XML-RPX, XML, WDDX and much more. And ofcourse all this is Open Source, so you get all the source and the right to change anything.