Ariadne contains all you need to make anything from a simple website, to a corporate multi language multiple site system, to complex web applications. Ariadne handles the common chores, like user management, roles and security, file management, templates, caching, multiple languages, full text searches, etc.

Ariadne isn't limited to the web, it also has support for FTP and WebDAV (both client and server), PDF, RSS, CSV, SOAP, XML-RPC, XML, LDAP and ActiveDirectory, document conversion, external relational databases, etc.

Ariadne comes with a set of quality libraries and site scaffolds to help you get started. These libraries are provided by Muze and Vedor and together create a powerful yet userfriendly CMS system and Rapid Application Development environment. See for documentation on the Muze libraries. Documentation for the Vedor libraries will follow shortly.