This object is a node which cannot have children. It can either be a preamble or a text node.

It is important to understand that when cast to a string this object does not filter its value. If it's nodeValue contains special characters, it will simple return them unchanged. The only exception is when the cdata property is set to true, in that case the nodeValue will be encapsulated in a CDATA block.

This behaviour allows you to mix previously generated xml with new ar_xmlElements, without having to re-parse them. It also makes it possible to create a mess out of your xml if you do not handle your input with care.

The ar_xmlNode object implements only the cloneNode() method of ar_xmlElement. It has the following properties:

(bool) cdata Whether or not to encapsulate the nodeValue in a CDATA block.
(string) nodeValue The contents of the node.
(object) nextSibling A reference to the next sibling of this node, if available. Will only work if a parentNode is set.
(object) parentNode (Readonly.) A reference to the parent node, if available. Do not change directly, use the proper method, e.g. appendChild(), insertBefore(), etc.
(object) previousSibling A reference to the previous sibling, if available. Will only work if a parentNode is set.