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Ariadne is a feature-rich open source CMS with a simple user interface.   Designed from the ground up to be secure and scalable, Ariadne is enterprise ready.   Ariadne is free, download the latest version now!



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Quickest release ever! Ok, so we made a small error, ar::callSuper() (and call_super()) were broken in the last dash to make Ariadne 9.1 a reality. We fixed it, don't install 9.1. Sorry.

Another 6 months of hard work have resulted in numerous improvements and bugfixes. The most important improvements are in the Vedor Editor. It is now much more at home in mobile devices and in FireFox. It now supports switching languages in a multi-language website and allows you to dock the hovering toolbars. In addition we've shipped a lot of plugin libraries for the editor, allowing you to do all kinds of cool stuff with it. Check out the new scaffolds to see how they work. Finally we've updated and improved the muze libraries, including the base, base layout and the development libraries. You can read the Changes file for a full list of changes.

Note: export files made with Ariadne 9.1 can only be read by Ariadne 9.1 and up, because we added an extra field to all properties ('scope').

Ariadne 9.0 released

Its been almost a year since the last major Ariadne release, but we think its been worth the wait. This is the biggest Ariadne release we've done in a long time. It includes:

  • A new inline WYSIWYG editor, mobile and touch-friendly, made by Vedor since 2004, now Open Source for the first time.
  • The Muze.cms and packages, making it easier than ever to work with Ariadne.
  • Scaffolds. Instead of copying existing projects or creating them entirely from scratch, you can now select a scaffold and the project is preconfigured en filled in for you.
  • Closures in PINP templates.
  • The Magic Cache. Never see outdated pages anymore.
  • Markdown, Less and Bootstrap included.

Read on for the full list of new goodies.

Ariadne 8.3.2 released
This is the last Ariadne release to support PHP 5.3. It contains the latest ACE template editor, which works with Chrome 38. It now also works better with XDebug, showing correct parse errors in templates. But this release mainly fixes a number of annoying bugs: The ar\connect\xmlrpc library now handles nested method names correctly in the client as well as the server, fixed the ar\html\menu menubar to correctly handle links, there was a problem with the formSecret handling in the CSRF protection. In addition we fixed a problem when adding users to a group which is a subtype of pgroup. ar\http\client now sets the responseheader even if the result of the request is empty. loadtext('current:lib.nls') now works correctly. Finally we fixed the backwards compatibility of psite's url handling. See the changes file for more information as always.

Ariadne 8.3.1 released
Araidne 8.3.1 is a bugfix release for 8.3. Most notable is a fix in the handling for CSRF tokens in ar('html')->form() and fixes in the dialog.browse.php with regard to the add and upload buttons

Ariadne 8.3 introduces drag/drop selection and file uploads in the ariadne user interface. You can now simply drag files from your desktop directly to ariadne and it will upload the files in place. You can also select multiple objects and copy, move or delete them. 
In addition we made a number of security related improvements. All forms generated with ar('html')->form() have automatic Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection. Session cookies now use the http-only flag and the secure flag if you use https. You can disable the default admin user by creating a new user and adding it to the 'admin' group, then using that user you can disable the admin user.
Warning: if you have users in the group '/system/groups/admin/' and they aren't supposed to have all grants at all locations in Ariadne, you must move them to another group. The admin group now has all grants everywhere.

ARC: Ariadne Components library
There's a new github project related to Ariadne, called ARC. It is a refactored version of the AR api. This will become the core of future Ariadne CMS releases but is meant to be usable for any other PHP project. The homepage is at 
Take a look and if you are working on other PHP projects let us know if you think this is something you might use.