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Ariadne is a feature-rich open source CMS with a simple user interface.   Designed from the ground up to be secure and scalable, Ariadne is enterprise ready.   Ariadne is free, download the latest version now!
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Latest Changes



Ariadne 8.2 released
No this is not a cheap ploy to stay ahead of the windows release number. Unfortunately we found two glaring problems with the last Ariadne 8.1 release that we wished we hadn't released. This release fixes two templates that used PHP short open tags - which aren't supported everywhere - and it fixes the copy and rename dialogs. It's almost Christmas and wishes should be granted, so enjoy :)

Ariadne 8.1 released
The major new feature in this release is native support for Edge Side Includes (ESI), which can help make dynamic websites much more cacheable. Another feature is that Ariadne now uses 'Post Processing' - this means that all output is buffered by default and you can set headers at any time. We've also fixed some annoying bugs.

Ariadne 8.0 released
This release removes a lot of old and deprecated templates. The main new thing are Workspaces. This is an experimental feature but it will make your life a lot easier. We've fixed some UI issues in the Ariadne backend and added a lot of new features in the dialogs.

ARC: Ariadne Components library
There's a new github project related to Ariadne, called ARC. It is a refactored version of the AR api. This will become the core of future Ariadne CMS releases but is meant to be usable for any other PHP project.
The homepage is at
Take a look and if you are working on other PHP projects let us know if you think this is something you might use.