This module allows access to file data through the ar\content\filesFile api. You cannot create or delete a file directly, only through other api's, like ar\files, which manages files saved per object in the store, or through ar\http\files which handles uploaded files.


(string)readRead a number of bytes from the file. See fread.
(string)readfileReads and outputs the file. See readfile.
(void)writeWrites a string to the file. See fwrite.
(bool)eofReturns true if the end of file has been reached. See eof.
(int)sizeReturns the size of the file in bytes. See getSize.
(int)getcGets the next character from the file. See fgetc.
(string)getsGets the next line from the file. See fgets.
(string)getContentsReads the remainder of the file into a string. See stream_get_contents.
(int)seekSets the position of the file pointer to the given offset. See fseek.
(int)tellReturns the current position of the file pointer. See ftell.
(bool)truncateTruncates the file to the given length. See ftruncate.
(bool)rewindRewind the position of the file pointer. See rewind.