Available in Ariadne > 2.7.3


This module allows you to easily retrieve and parse RSS feeds.


$rss = ar('connect/rss')
->client( 'http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/GlobalHome.xml' );
 echo '<ul>';
 foreach ( $rss->items as $item ) {
  echo '<li><a href="'.$item->link.'">'.$item->title.'</a></li>';
 echo '</ul>';


(object) client Returns a new RSS client object.
(object) parse Returns a new RSS client object with the data from the given RSS XML.


(object) ar('connect/rss')->client( $url = null, $httpClient = null )

(string) $url The url of the RSS feed to retrieve.
(object) $httpClient The HTTP client instance to use.

This method returns a new RSS client object. If no feed url is specified, you can later specify this through the get() method. You can pass a HTTP client object to use as the second argument. This allows you to preset a client with specific headers or other non-default options.

RSS Client API

(object) get Retrieves a feed and parses it.
(object) parse Parses the given RSS XML.


(object) $rssClient->get( $url, $request = null, $options =
array() )

(string) $url The URL of the RSS feed.
(array) $request Extra arguments for the feed.
(array) $options Extra options for the HTTP client.

Retrieves a RSS feed from the given URL. It parses the returned RSS feed using the parse() method. If the RSS feed couldn't be retrieved it will return an ar_error object, otherwise it will return the RSS client object.


(object) $rssClient->parse( $xml )

(string) $xml The RSS XML to parse.

Parses the given RSS XML and makes the data available in the client object as properties:

Channel properties:

(string) title Required. The title of the RSS Feed.
(string) link Required. The link to the website corresponding with this channel.
(string) description Required. A description of this channel.
(array) items A list of items in the RSS feed.
(string) language The language the channel is written in
(string) copyright Copyright notice for content in the channel.
(string) managingEditor Email address for person responsible for editorial content.
(string) webMaster Email address for person responsible for technical issues relating to channel.
(string) pubDate The publication date for the content in the channel.
(string) lastBuildDate The last time the content of the channel changed.
(string) category Specifies one or more categories that the channel belongs to.
(string) generator A string indicating the program used to generate the channel.
(array) cloud Allows processes to register with a cloud to be notified of updates to the channel.
(int) ttl A number of minutes that indicates how long a channel can be cached before refreshing from the source.
(array) image Specifies a GIF, JPEG or PNG image that can be displayed with the channel.
(object) rawXML The raw channel XML as ar_xmlNodes list.

Item properties:

(string) title The title of the item.
(string) link The URL of the item.
(string) description The item synopsis.
(string) author Email address of the author of the item.
(string) category Includes the item in one or more categories.
(string) comments URL of a page for comments relating to the item.
(array) enclosure Describes a media object that is attached to the item.
(string) guid A string that uniquely identifies the item.
(string) pubDate Indicates when the item was published.
(string) source The RSS channel that the item came from.
(object) rawXML The raw item XML as an ar_xmlElement.

Read more about the details of RSS 2.0.